Stella Pardo

STELLA PARDO’s knits are made by talented knitters under the sun of Peru. These knitters are all mothers and most of them have to raise their children alone. Pushed by their fighting spirit and their natural optimism, they weave, crochet and knit to escape from the misery of slums and offer better prospects for their children.

Stella Pardo, the grandmother of Cinthya Guerrero - founder of the brand - was one of those female warriors who tirelessly fought to provide for her ten children alone. When Cinthya launched STELLA PARDO in 2009 with her mother and her aunt, she wanted to pay tribute to her grandmother’s courage and to help Peruvian single mothers, by offering them to be entrepreneurs knitters so they can estimate themselves the prices of their knits.

STELLA PARDO is a human-centered brand which advocates hope alongside with a deep environmental commitment and a genuine promotion of ancestral know-how.

Over the Top is proud to welcome Stella Pardo sweaters and knits.